How Happiness Can Come Easy

I hope your type and shape of joy reaches you soon because we all deserve it

Alice Lam
4 min readOct 4, 2019


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Just like every goal we want to achieve, choosing to be happy is a goal. It is a habit that has to be set in place. It’s a lifestyle that has to be built. It is a strong mindset that has to really be set in stone. Just like every goal there is to work towards, we have to work on being happy.

There is no such thing as waking up naturally happy. This is how we can get closer to “I woke up like this”.

Giving yourself time to feel the things that make you happy

First, we have to admit that this world is becoming more about how fast you can go and how awesome you can make something look, but your happiness doesn’t lie there.

Your happiness can actually lie anywhere. It can be found in the short walk that you take to work or in the seconds it takes for you to carry your food from your kitchen to your couch to eat it.

There are so many opportunities every single day for you to find it and grasp onto it for a little while.

Appreciate the moments that make your stomach flutter

There is something special in these moments. It’s when happiness is mixed with an event that makes you feel special or important.

The feeling that makes you want to get up and run because it gives you so much energy. It seems like everything is right in the world for a little bit.

Notice it right when it happens, and try to slow everything down to reflect why it’s happening right at the moment it is happening to you.

Nothing is better knowing that you can recreate those moments.

One day, I woke up and mentally decided that it was going to be a good day, which can be hard to do many days. Each day seems so regular; so mundane that it is hard to find a specialty in it. But the choice is still up to you. So I chose goodness. My very first decision of the day set everything in place. I started to notice my immense and deep gratitude for the apartment that I have, the location that I live, and the job I had to look forward to. Everything…



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