The love you find within yourself will be yours forever

Alice Lam
2 min readMar 13, 2021
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What kind of life would we have if we consistently choose love?
To be a loving person,
to love the kind of work you do,
to love taking care of yourself and others,
to love to laugh,
to love to work harder to see your dreams unfold,
to love to find freedom.

Love to choose love.

You see, we live in a world where people would rather hide their feelings to feel accepted instead of expressing their feelings of acceptance. How contradicting is that? It is limiting and frustrating. To love is to accept. Love is growth and when you love, it grows much further than just having a feeling.

At that point, you are free. When you accept that love is not just a romanticized fantasy that society has defined it to be, you’ll come to accept that it’s a path to figuring out who you want to be.

Love is the way to finding your truth, your purpose, your way of living.

Love is present in every action and breath that you take. Choose to see it. The more you choose an emotion, the more it will become you. This is extremely important because the love you find within yourself will be yours forever.

Maybe the truest and most honest love is found in the ways we show up for ourselves when no one else would. Clapping for the mistakes that we made knowing that we are strong enough to learn from them.

Love is facing all the darkest parts of you and saying “This is who I am, and it has made me strong.”

Love is never-ending. It doesn’t end when you break up a relationship or end a friendship. It doesn’t dissipate when the day turns into night and when you have to say goodbye. Love follows you everywhere you decide to be present.

At the end of the day, when you listen deeply enough, you’ll come to know what you don’t want and what you will fight for regardless of any logical explanation.

Alice Lam

I write about purpose finding, learning, mindful self-development, and relationships.