Humans Are More Uniquely Different Then You May Think

Our perception of the world as humans

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Photo by Greg Raines on Unsplash

“We live as we dream — alone”

There are many instances where I have sat in a room full of people and wondered how I can never truly understand what it’s like for another person to experience a situation.

Your background molds our perception

I wonder about all the things and ideas I perceive to be beautiful and intrinsic, but in another pair of eyes are not. There are many human characteristics that do not necessarily deem ideal in our social standards but is candid beauty.

It’s like living in a dream. Only the dreamer can fully comprehend their own dream.

That is what makes each of us unique. No one can fully replicate who we are or what we do, and it’s beautiful.

I write for those who jump into life on the deep end. Sharing experiences and loving new insight.

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