How To Make Your Last Semester of College Remarkable — Advice from a post-grad

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Most of us can agree that surviving your last semester of college can be one of the most stressed inducing stages in our life. The big daunting question of rather you’ll be employed or not after indulging yourself in endless projects and exams is inevitable.

Stress cannot be any sweeter. The line we’re walking on cannot be any thinner. That was the environment I was in at the beginning of my last semester. This environment was already a given. Everyone felt this way and it was easy to just go along and bathe in the doubt, anxiety, and uncertainty of the future.

I had two choices: be stressed while worrying about the future which I had no control over and have that be my focus or slow things down to have more time for the people I appreciated and valued.

This is what I did to make the last 4 months the most valuable and enriching months I’ve lived yet.

When I spoke the bittersweet words, “This is my last semester. I’ll be graduating soon”, suddenly, there were more frequent gatherings for cooking dinner, game nights, going out dancing to celebrate the sweet time we have left together, runs to get donuts at 12 am, and so much more.

The magical words were spoken and now then ever, it’s time to soak in the present and live as if there is more love in the world. Try your best to experience the benefit of this.

If there are friends you value the most, find more time in every moment to give to them. You’ll fall in love more with each of these moments. In the end, all these moments will make up months and eventually for the whole semester.

The last semester can very easily slip under you as you bury your head away in job applications and exams. Slow it down and find the sweet moments in between.

During lunch, I would stay a little longer to talk and laughed a little more with my friends. Acting as if I had all the time in the world ended up working out in the best way. The semester will end. No doubt about that. So take your time since it’ll pass anyway.

Indeed the last semester will be the most hectic, but finding peace between the chaos of every day will help you in the long run. You’ll be more clear-headed between interviews and exams. No matter what happens, this short time of scrambling pieces together will end, so might as well make it an enjoyable one.

Each day will fly by more quickly then we hope it to.

The first thing I thought about when I woke up was either how unprepared I am for the upcoming job interview or how I’m about to fail my engineering physics exam tonight.

After endless cycles of this, I realized that I couldn’t finish out my last semester doing what I always did. I actually wanted to find joy in everything.

Find space and peace in the daily mundane activities.

I started to give some time to appreciate my mornings. Something as little as sitting up on my bed and appreciating the warmth and light from the sun. Letting it surround me and the room. Enjoying how the light reflects off the furniture and walls.

Enjoy the atmosphere of where you eat your meals. Enjoy the ambient sounds of the cafeteria and the buzzing groups of people passing by. This is an easy escape from your work for a little bit. There will come a time when this won’t be your daily routine anymore. Try to find the goodness in it.

There is goodness to be found anywhere: between passing class, stopping to say hi to a friend on campus, making late-night runs to fast-food restaurants, and even the time it takes to walk to class.

No matter how things end. Everything will be okay.

It’s never too late to acknowledge these people and when you do, your ending journey to college will be that more memorable.

Recognizing friends, peers, advisors, and professors who have given you the push that you needed to achieve the goals that you have set out for yourself is nothing but, remarkable.

It’s all about giving time back to the people who believed in you and recognizing that there are others whooting for your future or who support you as a human being in general.

Most importantly, cherish the people who make time for you every day.

If it is the path that you have chosen to pursue then there’s nothing else, but to continue to push yourself forward. If you enjoying the journey then don’t sabotage it by asking what if it doesn’t work out.

If it’s working out currently then there’s no point in wanting to know if or when it won’t work out.

Believe in the work that you do. There is a reason you work on pursuing that career path every day.

When there is something to worry about then you can worry about it if there is a bad situation at hand.

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” — Newt Scamander

I hate to make it sound like believing in the path you have associated with is something easy to do. College, in general, is hard and the whole point of it is the exploration of your interests. Even if your choice doesn’t work out, it's better to see the positive side of all your pursuits.

Looking at the bigger picture, there were many situations where I couldn’t control. Although, all the points made above were very controllable. I had a 23-credit work-load my last semester and everything could have very easily imploded, but I had control of my environment and mindset.

It helped tremendously.

I implemented each point day in and day out and it helped me realized that I should have lived within those means my entire college experience.

In the end, at least I had one memorable, remarkable, final semester.

I write for those who jump into life on the deep end. Sharing experiences and loving new insight.

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