22 Years of Learning How To Be a Human

Aspects that helped me become a better human

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
  1. The emotions you perceive from others show the type of person they are
  2. 3 Years of consistent work can lead you to great success
  3. Love is the strongest and deepest feeling you can have, but it can change like the weather
  4. Living with a little discomfort and risk is the best way to expand your life
  5. Love as much as you can, but don’t expect anything in return
  6. Give everyone a chance to be a good, kind, and a loving person
  7. No matter how well you know someone, always leave a blank page for them in their book of who they are
  8. People can bring the best and/or worse out of you
  9. Trust your intuition. It is the smartest tool you have and most of the time it’s right
  10. Be grateful for everything you have in your life right now
  11. Everyone is interesting if you give them the chance to be
  12. The universe has a great way of bringing things full circle
  13. You can find freedom through the act of love
  14. How someone makes you feel says more about the person than about you
  15. You are an average of 5 of the closest relationships you have
  16. Acceptance is the hardest and easiest thing you can do for yourself
  17. When you seek happiness and gratitude, everything becomes easier
  18. Break-ups suck
  19. Meaningful friendships can start to develop after 2 months of encounters
  20. Showing love and gratitude looks different for everyone in the aspect of receiving and giving
  21. Waking up early can be the most productive lifestyle change you can make

I write for those who jump into life on the deep end. Sharing experiences and loving new insight.

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