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What kind of life would we have if we consistently choose love?
To be a loving person,
to love the kind of work you do,
to love taking care of yourself and others,
to love to laugh,
to love to work harder to see your dreams unfold,
to love to find freedom.

Love to choose love.

You see, we live in a world where people would rather hide their feelings to feel accepted instead of expressing their feelings of acceptance. How contradicting is that? It is limiting and frustrating. To love is to accept. …

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This pandemic helped me realized that anything can be uncertain. With that logic, I’ve turned it around to believe that anything can be possible.

I landed a new job as an android engineer right after university and started working in July 2019. This was about 8 months before the world decided to have a “quick” pandemic. This gave me just about enough time to get used to living the life of a freshly graduated, googlie-eyed, millennial who started a “real” adult job.

Unlike most people, I am grateful enough to have kept my job and still have employment currently. This…

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Most of us can agree that surviving your last semester of college can be one of the most stressed inducing stages in our life. The big daunting question of rather you’ll be employed or not after indulging yourself in endless projects and exams is inevitable.

Stress cannot be any sweeter. The line we’re walking on cannot be any thinner. That was the environment I was in at the beginning of my last semester. This environment was already a given. …

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Managing relationships can be the trickiest route to navigate because every single one is unique, but there are some absolute characteristics you may want your friends to have.

There are so many different types of friendships to make. Not every friend you make will be the best friend. Sometimes, the greatest aspect of the relationship is that it’s casual.

I use to beat myself over for not landing great friendships with most of the people I’ve met, but realistically, I wouldn’t want so many close friends anyway. …

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For the longest time, all I wanted after graduating from my university is to get an offer from a big corporation as a software engineer. I wished for this dream at the time because it was one path that would guarantee a good, stable income. Reflecting back, I was simply scared of being jobless after working so hard and paying so much for an education.

When I moved to Minneapolis, it was like I finally made it to something big. I had that “Finally!” moment where everything felt like it was in its place. I thought I was finally well…

I hope your type and shape of joy reaches you soon because we all deserve it

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Just like every goal we want to achieve, choosing to be happy is a goal. It is a habit that has to be set in place. It’s a lifestyle that has to be built. It is a strong mindset that has to really be set in stone. Just like every goal there is to work towards, we have to work on being happy.

There is no such thing as waking up naturally happy. This is how we can get closer to “I woke up like this”.

Giving yourself time to feel the things that make you happy

First, we have to admit that this world is becoming more about how fast…

Through it all, your default state is love.

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Nothing in the world can tie you down. You walk this earth with the lightest steps that you can take and without a doubt, you follow your calling.

Every day you wake up and you feel like you belong to this world. The things that you have or need to do does not define who you are. This is the beauty of understanding the difference between what who you are and who you have to be to live here. You wake up in the morning and start to notice the greatest in the simplest things.

The way the sun shines…

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Manifestation is not only about getting the things you want, but is about everything you learn on the way to successfully manifesting.

Before I understood what it was called and what I was doing, I learned how to manifest certain events and experiences since I was in high school. Today, I came to understand the act of manifesting is parallel to hushing the mind and getting the chance to practice believing in faith. Our faith. The faith of believing in us.

In the midst of feeling faith and aligning it to our desire, it feels sound. It feels like we…

Many of us have a correlation between both

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The best of both worlds is when you can truly dive into your beliefs and have a separation between them and people’s actions.

Belief and expectations should not be in the same lane. There is no such thing as a belief when there are expectations.

First of all, change is hard to obtain (mentally and physically), but that’s what is so beautiful about it. It’s about the process of experiencing micro-changes along the way. The progress that you see accumulating over time to form something big enough for it to be officially called ‘change’.

Sometimes change is necessary and much…

“Recognize the person you are and the person you want to become”

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Self-reflection is a way to see how you are doing in your life. In this process, you‘ll come to acknowledge what makes YOU happy or sad. Hopefully, you’re able to see how your internal emotions transfer into your actions and affect others externally. The act of continuously questioning whether your actions reflect the person you want to be is self-reflection.

Self-reflection can come in many forms for everyone. You can observe your life through your goals, relationships, career path, happiness, or etc.

It’s a constant cycle of internal to external examination and vise versa.

Self-reflection should be a daily routine…

Alice Lam

I write for those who jump into life on the deep end. Sharing experiences and loving new insight.

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